The reliable wood source


An italian owned trading company specialised in international supply of wood products. We source quality hardwoods and softwoods from west and central Africa and eastern Europe.

With vast professional experience, we offer verified legal and sustainable wppd products to importers and manufactures worldwide.


We source quality hardwoods and softwoods from West and Central Africa and Eastern Europe. With vast professional experience, we offer verified legal and sustainable wood products to importers and manufactures worldwide.


FSC | Forest Stewardship Council
Chain of Custody Certification which allows companies to give assurances to customers about the sustainability of forest harvesting processes and the origin of the wood supply provided.

OLB | Origine et Légalité des Bois
Chain of Custody Certification which is a certification that can be obtained by meeting various requirements in regard to the legality of forest management and logging activities.

PEFC | Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certifications
Chain of Custody Certification which ensures that products containing wood, wood fibre and non-wood material can have their components tracked back to certified, sustainable forests.

environmental policy

In many developing countries the forest sector is an important pillar of the economy.

Beside conservation forests, also production forest, managed in a substainable way, can maintain their ecological and recreational potential while insuring the valorisation of the wood resources.It is global interest to protect and maintain forests, but it is also of local interest to benefit of their economic capacity.

Wood is a renewable resource, a well managed forest can bridge the two visions, protection and production. Regalis strives to ensure that our wood is produced legally and from sustainably managed forests.

We participate to the main third party forest certification schemes, and directly carry out a deep and throughout investigation about all our sources in all aspects of the production process , from logging of raw material to shipping of finishedproducts.


International tropiacl timber technical association

An internationally recognized association that serves the tropical timber industry, from the forest to the end user.It plays a key role in the implementation of international projects dedicated to the sustainable and responsible management of tropical forests.
Paolo Bracciano (Regalis MD) is members of the board of directors of ATIBT.

International wood products association

The leading international trade association representing the North American imported wood products industry, engaged in the import of hardwoods and softwoods from sustainably managed forests in more than 30 nations across the globe.

about us

The magic of biodiversity in African and Temperate forests, gift us with a magnificent range of wood species, all individually beautiful, each with distinct properties (e.g. different colours, aesthetic appearance, technical characteristics etc.).
The unique characteristics of each wood make this raw material the natural choice for a immense variety of uses and applications. Our expertise, capitalized over the years , help us to guide our customers to make the right choice, selecting the wood species that perfectly matches their requirements.

We engage in constant and regular purchasing programs with our suppliers, to make sure that our wood offer is always available and vast. Our customers, conscientious about their stock rotation, can rely on us to provide promptly available stocks, ready to deliver, but still competitively priced.

On the other hand, our suppliers, facing seasonal stock fluctuations but wishing for adaptable production plans, finds in Regalis a partner that can guarantee order continuity and stability that helps optimizing their production capacity.
Moreover, we encourage our supplier and often participate in investments with them to further improve and develop their transformation capacity in their factories in order to reduce the carbon footprint related to the transport of the products and to help further develop the local economy.

1996 Regalis was founded in Italy by managing director, Paolo Bracciano.
Nowadays in Italy remains a representative office that follows the European and North American clients.

2002 Regalis opened a commercial and logistic office in north Africa (Tunisia) that covers the markets of magreb as well as sub-saharian Africa. From Tunisia we operate our administrative and logistic hub that manages our world wide shipments.

2007 the company expanded to Middle East, opening a trading company in the Free Zone of Jebel Ali (Dubai)  in the united arab emirates whichcovers all Gulf and middle East markets.

2015 Regalis is active in Slovenia and Croatia for the supply of softwoods and temperate hardwoods.

2018 a new office has been opened in Hong Kong to promote the company expansion to the Asian markets.